[needs revision] This site aims to bring together useful information about the Tibetan plateau region, with special attention given to the high plateau and surrounding mountain ranges situated in Western China. This vast biogeographic region includes most of Qinghai Province and Tibet Autonomous Region as well as significant parts of Gansu, Sichuan and Yunnan provinces.

Because of the primary developer’s own work experience, most attention will initially be given to Qinghai Province and the beautiful Sanjiangyuan region. The Chinese term Sanjiangyuan means “Three Rivers Source Areas” and refers to the headwaters of the Yellow, Yangtze and Mekong rivers.

Information about many aspects of the Tibetan plateau is included in this site, however the main focus is on the geography and natural history of the plateau. A list of projects and publications about conservation and sustainable development relevant to the area is also compiled.

To suggest any additions or corrections for this site, please contact the webmaster via the contact page.

As always, this site will long be a “work in progress” – thank you for your patience!

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