Qomolangma Glacier Foundation

The Qomolangma Glacier Environmental Protection Foundation (QGF) was established in April 2012 when Tibetan Qomolangma Glacier Water Resources Development Co. Ltd. provided an initial start-up fund of RMB 4 million (around $600,000 USD). QGF is the independent legal entity, registered as a public foundation to promote and support environmental conservation and poverty alleviation in the Tibetan Autonomous Region, People’s Republic of China.

QGF is dedicated to supporting local communities and organization in the Tibetan plateau region to find and develop long-term solutions that help to improve people’s quality of life and protect their natural environment. In this way, QGF seeks to fulfil its role and to serve as a model for corporate social responsibility in China. Over the years QGF has carried out a number of public welfare and environmental conservation activities, which are receiving strong support and praise from both government authorities and local communities alike.

QGF organizes environmental conservation and community development activities including inter alia environmental research, education and awareness, and recognizing and rewarding individuals and organizations that have made outstanding contributions for local environmental protection and community development on the Tibetan plateau. Introducing and demonstrating such concepts and practices in the region plays a key role to advance sustainable development on the Tibetan plateau.    

The majority of QGF activities focus on environmental conservation, while around one-third of its financial resources are dedicated to a targeted alleviation of poverty in rural areas – with special attention given to the Mt Everest region.

QGF’s charters stipulate that the ‘scope of business’ for its public welfare activities includes:

  • Commitment to the cause of ecology and environmental protection in the Region;
  • Support for the development of environmental protection activities;
  • Provision of rewards to organizations and individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the cause of environmental protection;
  • Participation in international and regional cooperation and exchanges related to environmental protection;
  • Support for the development of poverty alleviation;
  • Other public welfare projects carried out in accordance with the wishes of donors.

To date, QGF has contributed to the following areas of work:

Leadership development

  • Training course for government officials, including national study tours
  • Training village leaders

Capacity building for conservation

  • Training community rangers working in Qomolangma (Mt Everest) National Nature Preserve
  • Development of key conservation tools and protocols to strengthen environmental monitoring, to be undertaken in partnership with Lapis Guides (tbc)

Community development

  • Village level sanitation, garbage collection and eco-toilets
  • Support for development of community-based ecotourism with focus on horse riding and adventure tourism, developed in partnership with the ‘Horseback Planet Society’ (tbc)

Environmental awareness

  • Establishment of Tibet Bird Club, strengthened with development of the digital field guide “Birds of Tibet” (to be created as part of the Lapis Guides series) (tbc)

QGF is led by Prof Gongbo Tashi in accordance with its charters.