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Environment & Conservation

Videos: China Green | Asia Society: The Tibetan Plateau environment

Video: Participatory video made by livestock herders in the Yangtze River headwaters (EC-funded NORMA Project, 2004-05)

Dissertation: Biodiversity Protection and the Search for Sustainability in Tibetan Plateau Grasslands (Foggin 2000)


Wildlife of the Tibetan Plateau

Book: Educating for BirdLife (Chinese version)

Book: Methods for Bird Surveys – A Practical Handbook (Chinese version)

Book: Bird Conservation Project Management – A Practical Handbook (Chinese version)

Journal: Chinese Birds (Chinese Ornithological Society)


Climate Change

Global Outlook for Ice and Snow (eBook from UNEP/GRID-Arendal; with selected highlights in PDF format)

Glaciers and Ice Caps


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The Centre for Research on Tibet: Books and Articles on Tibetan Nomads at

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News articles

Tibet sees great progress in wildlife protection
By Qu Xiong, CCTV International, 29 March 2009
Over the past 20 years, Tibet has seen significant progress in protecting its wildlife and environment. Most of the credit goes to both the government and a growing number of campaigners. CCTV reporter spoke to one such environmentalist in Tibet, who shared his joy and concerns about the region’s ecology…

Chinese try to curb ‘plague of desert rats’ in Tibet with contraceptives
By Jonathan Watts, The Guardian, 25 March 2009
Pika, relation of the rabbit, [are] blamed for increasing desertification. But experts claim rodents [sic] help sustain biodiversity. China’s authorities have scattered 200kg of rodent contraceptive pellets across the Tibetan plateau to control what they describe as a “plague of desert rats”. … Biodiversity experts warn, however, that the extermination campaign could worsen the problem of soil degradation and the poisons could damage other parts of the plateau ecosystem…

Nomadic people in Qinghai to settle within five years
People’s Daily Online (English), 11 March 2009
Starting this year, Qinghai will complete a settlement program for nomadic people within five years. By then, more than 112,000 households, or over 530,000 nomadic people, in the Tibetan-inhabited areas of Qinghai Province will leave their nomadic lives. … To date, 112,592 households, or 530,101 people, have not yet settled down. … According to the Settlement Project Planning for Tibetan Nomads in Qinghai Province, which has already been issued, after over 112,000 nomadic households settle down, the government will correspondingly build 90,983 drinking water projects for humans and livestock, and complete supplementary construction projects such as warm sheds for livestock and road paving…

Sustainability lessons from Tibet
By Daniel Taylor, China Dialogue, 18 February 2009
More than 40% of the land is under conservation management, with local people involved and engaged as partners. Daniel Taylor sees many achievements over the past 20 years…

Tibetan Plateau in Peril
By Michael Zhao, Far Eastern Economic Review, January 2009
Climate change is usually discussed as tomorrow’s problem. But the world’s most elevated land, the Tibetan Plateau, is already feeling the effects of warming temperatures, melting glaciers and permafrost, and degrading pastoral ecosystems. Put simply, the Tibetan Plateau is melting, endangering much of Asia and the world’s population…